Company Behind The Brand

SsangYong is the expert! With over 60 years of manufacturing innovation, the company has been committed to providing high performing vehicles equipped with the practicality and sleek style needed for the needs of a modern-day customer. Explore SsangYong's history to learn more about how, at some point, SsangYong was a provider of Jeep cars.



Every model released always has the most advanced technology available in the world

Teens or adults, men or women can drive their own wheels with the right touch of color and design that match their personalities well. Apart from its unrivaled product capability when it comes to function, the available units are also made to appeal to the emotion of the users.

There’s always a perfect ride for different personalities and SsangYong Motors aims to tap on those differences in making their vehicles more relevant. By satisfying the preference of a client when it comes to style, the service is therefore achieving their vision of becoming a global automotive industry that creates high value lifestyle.

Practicality is another matter. SUVs and luxury vehicles are best known not just because of their sleek looks but of their function as well. The former is efficient for providing comfort during long land trips. Luxury units on the other hand are sought after on special occasion to drive VIPs and important guests to their respective destinations.


Overall performance is always needed to complement the looks! With the advanced technology employed in the production process, SsangYong guarantees top performance and safety for any unit bearing its brand name. State-of-the-art mechanism coupled with talented & creative personnel results in performance at its best.


design philosophy


Ssangyong bases all its designs on 3 words “rhythmical”, “dynamic”, & “dignified”

Meaning that in for each design created the customers will have a natural, clean, & renewed feeling with every car trip taken. This is done through an attractive and robust aesthetics through "refined dignity," "youthful dynamism," and "vibrant rhythms."

Dignified Motion

Our cars designs are always based around taking motifs from the very foundation of nature, which is perfect yet unique. SsangYong is known for its high-end interoretations and robustness of the vehicles.

Dynamic Motion

We thrive off the creative energy of nature and happiness of humans. There is nothing more perfect then the true creativeness of nature and out designs attest that beauty. The spirit of the human body is another focus of our dynamic designs of our vehicles.

Rhythmical Motion

Through studying the motifs of the vitality and energetic motion of nature, our car designs are created. Nature is filled with natural rhythms and flows throughout its landscape.


SsangYong guarantees travelers' security by applying the most recent innovation and high quality material and gives remarkable internal space to hardware for outside activities.

For some, safety comes in as the core to a successful car brand. SsangYong offers top-notch safety standards so one doesn’t have to think whether a place is “safe” to go to or not. Check out the safety section across our vehicles to learn more about what SsangYong offers to ensure the safety of its customers.


The SsangYong Group has a long background of minimizing its effect on nature and the earth. In 1973, we were the pioneering car maker worldwide to select our own ecological officer. We will keep on "driving" the route as we consistently develop. We are decreasing our resource utilization, decreasing emission and maintaining a ding our best to "say-no" to waste, and consider natural variables in our decision of locations. All of this, in the long-run, helps drive the prices of our cars down for our consumers.

We consider natural elements in all procedures, services and offerings. Our manufacturing procedures are created with our Clean Production logic, with the objective of minimizing nature impact and resource utilization.

We are likewise efficiently diminishing our environmental foot print in the section of energy, by consistently improving the energy proficiency of our procedures. In addition, we are actualizing effectiveness enhancements all through our products' lifecycle.

With water one of our most significant resources, the prudent utilization of it is a need for us. Underway, we subsequently depend on shut water cycles and wastewater-free procedures.

We progressively get our energy needs from renewable sources, in this way bringing down our CO2 emissions. Outside of creation and vehicle utilization, most CO2 emissions are produced from transport exercises. While selecting which technique for transportation to utilize, we offer need to transport bearers with low CO2 emissions, particularly rail. Another imperative part of transport logistics at the SsangYong Group is staff driving, where we attempt to constrain environmental effect by giving different choices.

As well as decreased resource usage and emissions in our vehicles and generation forms, we additionally consider the environment in our decision of areas and the development of new structures. Biodiversity and sustainable building are the center of every one of our consultations.

Perused more about how we secure nature and the environment. Find out about the commitment we are as of now making and how we are executing measures to end up shockingly better later on.


Made In Korea


SsangYong Motor's presence is a background marked by frontiers crossed and challenges met to accomplish a improved future. As a top manufacturer in Korea's car industry, SsangYong is regarded for its progressed styling and remarkable execution since its establishment in 1954, made conceivable by the organization's quality designing.

The organization stepped into the era of 4-wheel drive automobiles in the 1980s by individually creating Musso and Korando. Subsequently in 2000, SsangYong built up the brand as the pioneer of SUVs by creating a large line of SUVs including Rexton, Kyron, Actyon, Korando and Actyon Sports. By growing new horizons for the luxury saloon market, the Chairman turned into the nation's top vehicle in its class and was as of late redesigned as the Chairman W. As Korea's first luxery vehicle to be furnished with a 5,000 cc V8 motor and additionally 7-speed automatic transmission, Chairman W is the country's top model and rivals other top luxury vehicles around the globe. Our environmentally safe SUV Korando is SsangYong's first front wheel drive single hull automobile. A development for the organization's long haul product offering, Korando is Korea's longest known auto brand in the worldwide SUV market.

SsangYong Motor has driven the headway of eco-friendly diesel innovation through the improvement of an advanced, world-class common rail engine. The organization is gathering its endeavors in producing its worldwide competitive edge by creating small environmentally friendly, eXDi200 motors that are aligned with the EURO5 standard, and is as of now adding to another motor that is EURO6 compliant.


By creating worldwide and customer-based administration, SsangYong Motor is extending its vicinity on the global market. The organization sends out its SUVs through somewhere in the range of 1,652 car lots in more than 115 nations, and is effectively establishing distribution in most major international markets. As an illustration it has opened regional office and parts locations in key European areas – the area that leads the path in the car business.

To secure sustainable development, SsangYong Motor won't just concentrate on existing and current markets but additionally expand into developing markets, for example, Central America, Eastern Europe and even target India and China, the world's biggest vehicles market. Seeking only perfection, SsangYong Motor is expanding its endeavors to grow new designs and innovations that can accomplish high driving execution and mirror the organization's real identity. In addition, by fully capitalizing its large SUV offerings, SsangYong will have the capacity to fortify its position as a top SUV manufacturer in participation with Mahindra and Mahindra, an organization that also focuses in SUVs.